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The FX Project is a hard working blues band formed in 2003.

Never losing site of the early efforts of the masters, they draw upon the soul and passion of Chicago, Texas and the Delta for their sound.

In addition to preserving the blues via clubs, festivals, concerts and "juke joints," the band has shared the stage with such blues greats as Joe Bonamassa, Tommy Castro, and Little Ed and the Blues Imperials.

The FX Project's members are:

  • Fran (White Boy Fran) Picciotto - guitar/vocals

  • Bill (Cozy) Miller - drums/vocals

  • John (Reggie) Regginello - keyboards

  • Tom (TD) Davies- bass guitar

  • Gordon (Doc) Frissora - sax


Fran jamming on the guitar

Fran is the founder of the FX Project. He plays guitar and he also sings lead and does backing vocals for the FX Project. In fact, the band is named after him: Francis Xavier Picciotto (FXP) FX Project (FXP).

Fran said that even as a kid, I was drawn to the guitar. I even had the plastic toy one. I remember when I got my brothers "hand me down" guitar. I was on my way.

By the 70's I was playing in the B.D. BIGGS BLUES BAND along with our current drummer Bill Miller.

I've always played blues. I love all of it from the Delta to Texas, to Chicago styles. A guitar crying and screaming. It's inside me. It's my song.

After some years without playing, in 2003 I called Bill up and here we are, the FX Project.

Thanks for checking us out,

Bill singing and playing the drums

Bill plays drums and does vocals for the FX Project.

He has played drums for 50 years and has played with Fran, the guitarist and founder of the FX Project, for 40 years.

In addition to drums, Bill also plays guitar and bass.

Bill credits his older brother's and sister's love of music for inspiring him to begin playing music.

His musical hero is Steven "Steve" Ferrone, the drummer for the Average White Band who is a master at knowing the music and keeping it funky.

He would love to sit down with Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, of Steely Dan and talk with them about how they blended various styles of music together, making a unique sound. Much like Bill does on drums with the FX Project.

Reggie looking far too serious

Reggie plays keyboards for the FX Project. He also does vocals for the FX Project.

Reggie has played keyboards on and off for 45 years, somewhat seriously for the past 10 years. He also taught himself to play guitar, bass, trumpet, and tuba.

His inspiration to play music was his mother, who had a beautiful singing voice and she also played piano.

His musical heros include Burton Cummings & The Guess Who, Steely Dan, the Carpenters, Oscar Peterson and Laura Nyro.

The musician that he would love to sit down with and have a conversation over a beer would be Greg Allman.

Reggie says he loves family, and often jams with his son Tyler, on guitar, and Coleman, on the drums.

Tom with the bottom end on bass

Tom plays four and five string bass. He also does backing vocals for the FX Project.

He and Bill provide a clean beat making the foundation for the band.

Tom also does some sweet slap-bass playing.

Gordon playing the alto

Gordon plays sax, woodwinds and EWI for the FX Project.

When a music program started in the 8th grade, he always wanted to be a drummer. But, the salesman took one look at him and said, "You're playing the saxophone kid."

He has performed with numerous rock bands, funk bands, concert bands, jazz bands, and big bands, as well as playing alto and baritone saxophones for the local symphony orchestra.

His musical hero is Joe Henderson and he would love to sit down over a cup of coffee with Julian Edwin "Cannonball" Adderley and talk sax.

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